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Deuce Radio Show Spotlights – Aster Paulen

Deuce Promotions spotlights Aster Paulen on Deuce Radio Show – 222.

Music Artists – This Is Your Pep Talk

One thing I have found to be very true both as an artist and in speaking to other artists or entertainment people, is that music and the path to artistry can be one of many trials and tribulations. There comes a time invariably when artists need a pep talk.

When Does An Artist Need A Booking Agent?

I am sometimes asked by artists when an artist really needs a booking agent. In answering this question there are several things an artist needs to consider.

Music Promotional And Music Marketing Plan For A New CD

Some music artists may find themselves asking the question what is a good music marketing and music promotion plan for a recently completed CD? The question is an important one and this article is geared to give you some ideas on topics and tools to use and consider in marketing your new music.

Career In The Music Business – Are You An Artist, Or Just Someone Who Plays Music?

I had the fortune to touch base with Scott James a Guitarist, Composer, and Songwriter in Los Angeles, CA. I mentioned to him that his thoughts and blog on this subject matter were so in tune with mine that I wanted to share the ideas with you.

What Should Be Included In A Promo Package For A Rock Band

Your band is ready to start playing out and you realize you need something to give to venues, agents and others to help you promote your career. You are ready for a promo package. This being said it is very important that artists understand that a professional press kit is a must for the band that truly wants to be considered proficient. In many cases, it is the first thing the agent or vender sees about your band. Continue reading to find out more.

Communicate With Your Music Manager

Most artists who are truly in tuned with the music industry know that the music manager’s job is to promote the artist’s career in all ways and at all times. However, in some cases as time goes by many expectations by the artist for their artist manager or artist management team may seem to fall short of the artist’s goals. Is it artist management failing to do their jobs or is it something entirely different? Read below for some insight you as a musical artist may not have thought about before.

Do You Need a Booking Agent?

Sooner or later as a musician who wants a career in the music business you are going to need a booking agent. What is a booking agent? A person whom finds the band a job, or arranges and sets up tour dates. The booking agent may also handle arrangements related to venue management. (Also known as a talent agent, a booking agent may act as liaison between the act and venue operators.) Another part of their job could entail ensuring that contractual obligations are met for both you as a musical artist and the venue.

Music Promotion – What You Need To Know

The ability to self promote your music is a key skill to possess. When you are starting out you may not have money to hire a PR person or someone to run media for you. So how do you let people know about your music? Follow these steps and you will get the start you need.

Negotiating With Record Labels

Your time has arrived and you have received an offer of a recording contract. Although many artists are not business-minded, the recording industry is a business so you as an artist need to know how it works.Let’s take a look at some very important things to consider when making this important negotiation.