Closed Circle

Closed Circle is a band that incorporates so much and yet defies so many rock genres, that all you can do is listen and be amazed.

The band was formed in 2008 by three young guys (Doug Weiand, Felipe Durli, and Matheus Carrer Neto) who liked heavy rock and progressive music.
Felipe began playing bass at the age of twelve and from the beginning he listened to bands like: Guns n’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, and Rush. Then he turned his attention to bassists like: Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Marcel Jacob, Marcus Miller, John Myung, and others.

Through the years he played in many cover bands and in one of these situations he met a friend, named Matheus. Although, cover bands kept them busy, there was a longing to make their own music and whats more instrumental rock.

Enter Doug, guitar extraordinaire at the age of fifteen. An artist influenced mostly by heavy metal and rock yet with the sensibilities and experience in jazz and rock fusion as well.

Now realized before their eyes was a sound and a focal point of music . Music that would embody a theme and concept approach for each songs rhythms, scales, techniques, and musical harmony an all rock framework.

Thus, the CD “Illusion Effect,” would be the result of this quest.

Then before the CD could be finalized drummer Matheus left the band.

Luckily Doug and Felipe would persist in the completion of the album and the search for a new drummer. The drummer they found after a world search was Devadip Chunga.

Devadip Chunga is a peruvian drummer taught by the great Peruvian drummer and teacher Christian Sakata.

Christian is a master, so therefore it is no wonder that Devadip is a drumming wonder himself. Brilliant in his drumming technique and skills Devadip’s influences are drummers like Horacio Hernandez, Thomas Lang, Dave Weckl, Gergo Borlai, among others. After that, he participated in the international competition “V-Drums Championship” organized by Roland and won the Latin-American V-Drums Competition in 2011.

Devadip, is also a sponsored Roland Artist, who has traveled around the world giving drum clinics. In 2013 he participated in another international competition known as “Big Drum Bonanza” hosted by international renowned drummer Thomas Lang and he won that as well. Always improving himself, he continued to study with other teachers such as: Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Chris Coleman, Dave Elitch, George Kollias, Jon Dette and Stanton Moore.

As if all of this was not enough, Devadip also appeared on the TV Show Peru’s Got Talent where he garnered thousands of fans even though he was second to the shows final winner.

Closed Circle is talented and musical power house.

Closed Circle is:

Doug Weiand – Guitar

Felipe Durli – Bass

Devadip Chunga – Drums

Contact: Robert Speed Productions™
Ph: 1-858-472-2441 US
Skype: thespeeds3

Peru Contact: Katya Mauri Guerra
Skype: katyamauriguerra