R.E.M. UK is the best tribute to REM in the world.  The band has played to crowds of 50,000 and has performed in such countries as: Ireland, Italy, Malta, Belgium and Holland.

Initially “Stipe”, formed by Rick Southern in 1996, performed mainly in the North of England and Scotland.  Over the years Southern played gigs throughout the UK and Europe, honing and perfecting Michael Stipe’s very individual persona.

In 2002, Rick decided it was time for a new Stipe, and along with monster keyboard player Pete Nicholls, recruited Tony Williams on bass guitar, Paul Tonge on guitar and Nick Peters on drums.

Over the next few years through marketing, venue management  and band promotions the group built up an enviable reputation as an authentic and entertaining tribute to REM. It is no surprise then that the band’s web site became the most popular location to find on search engines Google and MSN.

R.E.M.UK has over sixty REM songs in their repertoire and their list continues to grow. Also, like REM, the group changes their set considerably and keeps everything sounding fresh.

The band felt particularly proud when they performed a “Live Show” in front of Michael Stipe on the BBC’s “The One Show”. The show had an audience of 5.1 million viewers watching them perform. Said Stipe, “You sounded awesome!”

Here is what some of the fans have to say about the band R.E.M. UK:

“arguably better than the live performance by REM themselves (dare I say that?)”

“My advice to you – If you hear R.E.M. UK are playing a gig near you then drop everything and go and see them.”

“No one gets closer to the inimitable style of Michael Stipe than Rick Southern.  Backed by a band that plays with passion and precision, this is a show not to be missed by anyone who likes R.E.M.”

“R.E.M. UK’s outstanding performance of R.E.M. music is second to none, not to be missed.”

Current members of R.E.M. UK include:  Rick Southern – Vocals, Chris Kinsella – Keyboards / acoustic guitar, Tony Williams – Bass / acoustic guitar / backing vocals, Paul Tonge – Guitar / mandolin / backing vocals and  Frank Mahon – Drums

My Space: http://www.myspace.com/rem.uk

Website: http://www.remtribute.co.uk/home.html