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Jimy Graham

Jimy Graham is an Award-Winning Blues, Rock and Reggae Artist who has performed his music worldwide.

At age 8, he picked up the guitar and began playing melodies in his native state of New York. He found that he loved the many variations of sound that music had to offer; from the soul of Motown, to the truthful strains of the blues, the power of rock, to the allure of Caribbean beats.

As a teenager, he was overheard by a neighborhood musician that was working with Wilson Pickett. The neighbor encouraged Graham to audition for Pickett’s band; and the audition resulted in Jimy’s first professional job. The young artist received quite a break considering the guitar job was previously held by legend Jimi Hendrix. (Another parallel with the life of Hendrix would occur years later, when Graham would portray him in the production of “Morrison: A Rock Opera” at the Hollywood Palace).

Ever hungry to pursue his musical dream, Graham found himself traveling to the West Coast. There he performed and recorded with Los Angeles based Reggae band, Babylon Warriors. Jimy also had the opportunity to open for UB40 with Reggae Superstar Pablo Moses.

Zimbabwe Africa was to be Grahams next stop as a guitarist. As he was asked to tour with Reggae superstar Don Carlos for the legendary Black Uhuru. The tour was quite extensive and went extremely well.

After which, Graham returned to New York, and did session work with artists such as Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Grace Jones and Sly and Robbie.

After all this traveling and playing Jimy found he had developed a name for himself.

Next, Japan was calling. In Japan, Jimy performed with Japan pop icons TRF at the world famous Budokan. The artists performances as a solo artist also continued and he went on to play packed houses in other areas of Asia. Venues like Shanghai’s Piccone Club, Hong Kong’s Rock school, The Roomful of Blues in Singapore and both The Hard Rock Cafe and The Roadhouse in Macau, China were all on the performance menu.

Now known as an A list musician for soul, R&B, Blues, Rock and Reggae; Graham got the call to perform in Jamaica. Accepting the offer Jimy played around Jamaica and ended up selling out nights at Kingston’s trendy Red Bones Blues Cafe. Graham would later play main stage at Jamaica’s Jazz and Blues Festival 15th Anniversary in 2011. His performance electrified the crowd with a set that included a medley of the National Anthem of Jamaica and the Star Spangled Banner (With portions played with his teeth ala Jimi Hendrix).

RSP is happy to welcome Jimy Graham as a new artist and artist family member.



Dark Rouge Park

The music of Dark Rouge Park combines classic electronic SynthPop sound with thought-provoking lyrics and unique vocal styling. The lyrics focuses on the reality and sadness in life while promoting survival and coping.

“Parallel World addresses topics you don’t always hear discussed in other music, and they do so in such a deep, meaningful way,” describes one fan after hearing the album. “The music stays with you long after the songs are over.”

Even though, Dark Rouge Park formed in 2012, the band members have been on stage for 20+ years individually.

Thomas Sathmari’s first work, called Space Project was released in the early 90’s, followed by the second album, called “Space Project II”.

Thomas was a member of another band, called “Car Wreckers”, and in the 2000’s he was the songwriter, producer and keyboardist a special group, called MOTIVA.
This band plays classical Hungarian Folk songs, but the music is electronic/synthpop while the feeling and the overall voice follows the traditional Hungarian Folk.

Janos Karsky started his musician career as a Club DJ in various places, followed by a 2 year Radio DJ era. He started to work on the earlier song’s of Dark Rouge Park alone as a solo musician. He wrote instrumental songs under name Dark Light Shadow.

Edina Simon, the front person and the singer of the band has a very long musician and on-stage experience. She worked together with a lots of popular European and Hungarian bands as background vocalist, including a well known Eurodance group, called Groovehouse, and a Pink Floyd tribute band, called “Keep Floyding”.

Dark Rouge Park finally formed in 2012, when Thomas and Janos started to work together. Edina finally joined to the group in 2013 and they soon finished their first song, called Let Me Go.
Their songs focus to negative things, which are part of the life. Songs about deep depression, domestic violence and abusive relationships, they talk about the cyber bullying, the danger of the cyber dating and the negative side of the social media, death, lost love and sadness.

Of course, they try to help to get out from this negative situation, therefore the sad song always shows a happier outgoing.





Remain is Michael Rosser – Bass, Caleb Coonrod – Guitar,Lead Vox, Perry Hill- Drums, Jonathan McNary – Lead Guitar.

Remain is an American Rock band from Denton, Texas. The band played its first show at the Labb in Denton on August 16, 2014. Since then, they have honed a powerful, poetic sound composed of bar -rattling jams and rock anthems. In the fall of 2015 Remain recorded their debut EP “The World Beyond.” The EP was recorded at Reeltime Audio in Denton, Texas with the Grammy – Award Winning producer/engineer Eric Delegard. In March of 2016 the band secured management by signing with Robert Speed Productions. “The World Beyond” went on to have singles featured on local stations Denton as well as 97.1 The Eagle. In addition , the single “Speed” was featured on The Deuce Radio Show originating in the UK and was featured on multiple radio shows in Europe, Australia and North America. In the Summer of 2017, Remain released the single, “Millennial Nation,” which aired on multiple radio shows worldwide.

In 2018, Remain’s single “Millennial Nation” was picked up by Bongo Boy Records.The single was added to the label’s album “Alternative Rock Mach One”; a release that distributed to the Asian and other worldwide markets. In conjunction with their with first label release, Remain was named by The Dentonite as one of Denton’s 15 Music Acts Making Moves in 2018!

In 2019, Remain underwent a lineup change and committed to redefining their sound. Most of 2019 was spent, funding, writing, rehearsing, demoing songs, regrouping the band lineup, and finally returning to Reeltime Audio. Also, in Oct. 2019 the band completed their first full-length album entitled, “Millennial Nation.”

“Millennial Nation,” was set to be released in April 2020. As Covid-19 hit, Remain decided to hold off on releasing the debut LP, let the pandemic pass, and hopefully clear the way for a more impactfull release.

Things seen are temporary, only unseen things will Remain.


Silvia Balistreri

The first thing we need to know about the talented artist Silva is that she was born into a family of artists. Her father Girolamo Balistreri in fact, was a painter and sculptor.

Since her childhood, she was strongly attracted by music. At 16 years of age she started to attend the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory in Palermo.

At the age of eighteen, she was a finalist in Sanremo Famosi, a singing event held at the San Remo Casino, broadcast by Rai Uno.
Again, for the same broadcaster, with Orchestra Jazz Siciliana, she participated in the performance for the 1994 Football World Cup, through Eurovision.

In 1996 with the Palermo’s Orchestra degli Armonici, Silva performed Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater” and Ghedini’s “Pie Donne Marie”.

A stepping stone in her career started with the Brass Group of Palermo, with whom she performed in numerous important concerts: On one occasion, with the famous New York arranger Pete Rugolo, where she performed, as soloist, for some pieces he had composed.

Again, as the soloist of Orchestra Contemporanea Siciliana, she participated in two important contemporary music concerts directed by the American composer MichaelTorke and in a Suite on the lyrics of Giuseppe Ungaretti, written and conducted by the American composer Michael Mantler.

Together with Sicilian composer Maurizio Bignone, she wrote the soundtrack music for Oscar Wilde’s theatrical opera Salomè, presented at the Teatro Flaiano in Rome.

With that same artist, the founder of the string and percussion quartet, she cut a record of ethnic music, holding a concert for Palermo’s Teatro Massimo at the ex Chiesa dello Spasimo Argentinean singer Elisabeth Morales, held at Terme di Sciacca.

Since 2002 she has dedicated herself to lyrics as a soloist, she interpreted, among others, Bizet’s “Carmen” (as protagonist) in Santiago, “Vina del Mar” and Rancagua, Delilah in Saint-Saens’ “Samson and Delilah,” “Aida “in Pleven, “Carmen” in Varna, in Madame Butterfly in Bergen.

In Fruili Silvia recently performed Dvorak’s Mass in D major in the final concert of the IV the Chorus Composition Competition E.F. Cedolins and various concerts in Liguria, Veneto, and Friuli, interpreting Karl Piutti’s Lieds in the first Italian performance.

Yet, there is also another side of the musical table for the lovely artist.

2003 and 2004 found her performing an Ethno pop concert with Bonanova group as soloist. She also did a concert with the Acquasanta group as soloist During The “Lina Wertmuller Film Awards” in Rome.

The artist sang pop and soul Sicilian songs during a concert in Spasimo
Theatre of Palermo too.

Silvia has also done some acting for a short movie directed by Giglio Rosso
and sang the soundtrack of “Centoventimetri” as well.

She sang the soundtrack of “hurt dog” directed by Giuseppe Lo
Cascio in Rome as well.

In 2005 she participated in the production of Verdi’s “Forza del destino” at the Rovigo’s
Teatro Sociale, presented in the theatres of Trento, Ravenna, Modena, Savona, Livorno, Pisa, Padua, and Bassano del Grappa and recorded on DVD and CD by Dynamic Records.

In 2006 she interpreted Tutino’s character “La Lupa” at the Rovigo’s Teatro Sociale withthe supervision of the composer himself.

In 2007 she signed on for Giordano’s “Andrea Chenier” in the theatres of Trento, Rovigo, Livorno, Mantua, and Catanzaro, for Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” in Mantua, for Verdi’s “Aida” in Rimini, Rovigo, Livorno, and Savona, and for “Madame Butterfly” in Frankfurt.

In 2007 she held lyrical concerts in several theatres: in August she interpreted Nedda (Pagliacci) and Leonora (Trovatore) in the form of an open-air concert in Frankfurt.

In 2008 she debuted at the Verona Philharmonic Theatre for the Arena Foundation of Verona in Adams’ opera “Nixon in China”; then at the Vicenza Olympic Theatre she interpreted Cherubino in the Nozze di Figaro, a role she interpreted in thirty other theatres over the following seasons, she then interpreted “Carmen in Paris”, Chateau de Buc de Versailles, in the protagonist role.

In 2010 Silva sang at the Arena of Verona during a concert of avant-garde music:
and later in the year she played the role of “Carmen” in Seville.

Finally, last year on November Silva acted with the Roman
actor Piero Nicosia “La Banda Muta” by Gaetano Savatteri at the
Cantieri Culturali della Zisa in Palermo.

To say a star is born in Silva’s case is an understatement.

Visit Her Facebook Page

Closed Circle

Closed Circle is a band that incorporates so much and yet defies so many rock genres, that all you can do is listen and be amazed.

The band was formed in 2008 by three young guys (Doug Weiand, Felipe Durli, and Matheus Carrer Neto) who liked heavy rock and progressive music.
Felipe began playing bass at the age of twelve and from the beginning he listened to bands like: Guns n’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, and Rush. Then he turned his attention to bassists like: Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Marcel Jacob, Marcus Miller, John Myung, and others.

Through the years he played in many cover bands and in one of these situations he met a friend, named Matheus. Although, cover bands kept them busy, there was a longing to make their own music and whats more instrumental rock.

Enter Doug, guitar extraordinaire at the age of fifteen. An artist influenced mostly by heavy metal and rock yet with the sensibilities and experience in jazz and rock fusion as well.

Now realized before their eyes was a sound and a focal point of music . Music that would embody a theme and concept approach for each songs rhythms, scales, techniques, and musical harmony an all rock framework.

Thus, the CD “Illusion Effect,” would be the result of this quest.

Then before the CD could be finalized drummer Matheus left the band.

Luckily Doug and Felipe would persist in the completion of the album and the search for a new drummer. The drummer they found after a world search was Devadip Chunga.

Devadip Chunga is a peruvian drummer taught by the great Peruvian drummer and teacher Christian Sakata.

Christian is a master, so therefore it is no wonder that Devadip is a drumming wonder himself. Brilliant in his drumming technique and skills Devadip’s influences are drummers like Horacio Hernandez, Thomas Lang, Dave Weckl, Gergo Borlai, among others. After that, he participated in the international competition “V-Drums Championship” organized by Roland and won the Latin-American V-Drums Competition in 2011.

Devadip, is also a sponsored Roland Artist, who has traveled around the world giving drum clinics. In 2013 he participated in another international competition known as “Big Drum Bonanza” hosted by international renowned drummer Thomas Lang and he won that as well. Always improving himself, he continued to study with other teachers such as: Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Chris Coleman, Dave Elitch, George Kollias, Jon Dette and Stanton Moore.

As if all of this was not enough, Devadip also appeared on the TV Show Peru’s Got Talent where he garnered thousands of fans even though he was second to the shows final winner.

Closed Circle is talented and musical power house.

Closed Circle is:

Doug Weiand – Guitar

Felipe Durli – Bass

Devadip Chunga – Drums

Contact: Robert Speed Productions™
Ph: 1-858-472-2441 US
Skype: thespeeds3

Peru Contact: Katya Mauri Guerra
Skype: katyamauriguerra



Remus Tucker

Remus Tucker is based out of Denver Colorado and is a purveyor of fast moving Southern Fried Rock. His mix of good ole Southern Rock and Blues keeps feet stomping and butts moving. Tucker has played with the likes of Firefall John Lee Hooker Jr. and has always left crowds satisfied.

The artist’s influences are many, with vocal styles that are reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Geoff Tate, and Ronnie Van Zant.

Remus is also backed by some of the hottest musicians in Colorado, so here is some information about them as well.

Paul “P.D” Smith is the lead guitarist for the band and he pushes the envelope from melodic leads to downright ripping rock for this southern band. So, it is simply no problem to ride the line between back home old timey and in your face rebel music.

Rhythm guitarist Jimmie Clinton hails from the back woods of Tennessee and has moved on up to the foothills of Colorado. He learned his craft at the knee of his father, Jimmie Clinton Sr, who was a Nashville singer and song writer. Jimmie looks forward to making you get up and boogie at any Remus show.

Chris “Dr. Love” Love is a bass player who is a consummate professional who can get the job done. As a matter, he handles the guitar and bass maintenance for the band as well. Count on him to keep a bass groove going for Remus.

Drummer Robert Harris has been playing since the age of 10. Rob has worked and recorded with artists such as: Joe Satriani, Night Ranger, Cheap Trick, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Brownsville Station to name a few. He has now thrown his sun glasses in the ring with Remus Tucker and shows those fellas what rhythm looks like.

J.C. Russell is the backing vocalist for the band. A singer from an early age, she has graced national stages with her angelic voice and beautiful countenance. (Kind of makes you wonder how the heck she got roped into singing with these good ole boys.) Anyway, J.C. adds just the right flavor to the group.

Remus’s debut album, “The Remus Tucker Band: South of New Orleans” .


Party Phreaks

Originally from Zambia, Africa the Party Phreaks have made music that has indeed garnered attention and interest from Party Lovers everywhere.

There is no genre they will not include no matter whether it is Pop, Rock, R & B, Dance Electro, House or Hip Hop.

The group landed their first record deal with Westside Records in 2011. Their debut CD “Party Time” was soon followed in 2012 with a publishing and distribution deal through the British Label, Red Admiral Records.

Party Phreaks music is finding its way in the dance and party world and their social networks are beginning to reflect this fact. A month ago the group was ranked #1 on REVERBNATIONS Manchester, UK charts for (Dance / Pop & Hip – Hop / RnB & Rock). They are currently holding at #7 as of this writing.

The group also has over 3,100 likes on their Facebook page and growing.

Now it’s time to hear a bit from the band themselves.

Hi, my name is Zozi Jones and I am the ‘Party Phreaks ‘bandleader. I rap and I sing but most of the times I do both, I like to call it Rapsing, plus I am also a song writer…the kind that writes from the heart (if you know what I mean). Music has been an emotional roller coaster for me, especially at the time my style of rapping and singing was not recognized as a talent. I started writing songs at the age of 13. In 2009 I met my best bud Moomba Hamukwala  aka  M.R

Sippin  who believed  I was the greatest rapper alive. Together we set the hood on fire with our rap music, and even though our music then was all about pain and life situations, the hustle and the grind we also kept the fun part of music. I later met F.Biko and we worked hand in hand looking for everything from band members to publishers to labels.

I am pleased to say it was a miracle and a blessing to find three other members to round out the Party Phreaks.

F. Biko here and I am a guitarist, member and producer for the group. I first produced Zozi Jones’, ‘Soldier On The Battle Field’ and ‘Devil Dance In The Morning’. We then proceeded to write a party love song called ‘Loving Her Tonight’.  Although it was destined for a national television program we decided to keep the song and create a band that represented all the party people around the world. I love the experience of being a Party Phreak.

Work, Party, Work, Party….it’s your girl Kassy. I was born in a small town called Kabwe and my pretty mom taught me the best lessons of life a daughter could ever learn. I took all she taught me to heart and it has served me well. So, it is no surprise that I am still mama’s little perfect girl. I love wearing heels, a perfect hobby for me because I really love shoes (heels to be specific…Lol). My favorite color is pink and a little black too. I like to make myself look beautiful but most importantly I am comfortable in my own skin. Come rock – a – party with us!

So I’m the girl they call Luna, and they say I started singing before I could learn how to crow. I am a happy person and I love having a good time. I like to see things positive, colorful and I love to look for the fun side of life. I am the second to last born in my family but the youngest female. Can you say protected by fences! Some people say I’m crazy and weird but I just say “thanks for noticing” lol.
I love being a Party Phreak, Halla xoxo

Hi, I am A.R the newest member of the Party Phreaks. I love the music, the energy and being in this fun group. Keep the party going and make sure you’ve got plenty of Party Phreaks music on hand!

Party Phreaks Good Time music will get the attention of Party Lovers everywhere. No matter what color, creed or country. We all love to Party!

Bichitra Mukherjee

Bichitra Mukherjee was born into a musical family in Kolkata. She has loved music ever since she was an infant. She was groomed in the flavors of Shastriya Sangeet and was fascinated from the very beginning by the art of classical dance. So, at the age of seven she started learning under the Guru-Shishya Parampara from Guru Bireshwar Gautam and Smt. Tanima Ganguly who is an eminent dancer belonging to the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak.

Bichitra is an amazing dancer and artist who has always been inspired by the expressions depicted in the dance styles of Lucknow Gharana and Odissi dance. She also found herself heartily touched by the gentle acts of Manipuri dance which she has imbibed within her creative dance.

The beautiful artist has mastered many dance forms and as such, has been able to incorporate all these forms and expand her creativity.
Bichitra now pushes the boundaries of specific dance styles, and not only sets the bar for the present but paves the way for future generations of dancers.

Bichitra Mukherjee Facebook

Vincenzo Cipriani

Vincenzo Cipriani is a composer, organist, and pianist whom graduated with a first class classical degree from the Academy of Music “N. Piccinni” of Bari. Cipriani’s education also includes a degree in jazz music at the Academy of Music of Monopoli as well.

The artist is a teacher at the Academy of Music of Matera in Theory, Solfeggio and Musical Dictation. Some of his teaching disciplines include: Ear training, composition for popular music, teaching of improvisation, analysis of composing forms, and an orientation to the jazz piano.

The Maestro is the Artistic Director at the “E.P. Santomasi” Foundation of Gravina in Puglia – a No Profit Company founded in 1920 ( – and as organist, he is deeply involved in concert activities, either as soloist or in chamber ensemble. As a soloist, he has participated in organ festivals in Italy and abroad ( Monreale, Padua, Munich of Bavaria, Nottingham, Satu Mare – Romania ).

Cipriani is regularly invited as Choir Maestro for operas, like Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi at the “Theatre” of Camerino (Starting from April 2004); for Lyric Academy “Katia Ricciarelli”, a project coordinated and planned by Lorenzo Arruga.

The Maestro was founder and conductor from 1989 to 2001 of the polyphonic chorus “Psallite Deo” in Gravina in Puglia, with whom he has given many concerts as conductor, pianist and organist. The artist’s repertory here included everything from the ancient polyphony a cappella to classical choral repertory. The uniqueness of the composer is that he includes both musical influences from African American Spirituals to Ellington to pop music.

The young Maestro is President of the “Lemurge Progetto Cultura Association” and Artistic Conductor of the fifth edition of the International Competition for Piano “Benedetto XIII Prize”. The artist was also awarded the “Silver Plate of the President of the Republic” for artistic merit in Gravina in Puglia.

In May 2010 Vincenzo Cipriani was pickup by the record label Velut Luna of Padua. The CD Vincenzo Cipriani WEKE (Music for Piano and Strings), was later released. The CD is some of Cipriani’s best work with original compositions written for piano and strings. There are also some surprise contemporary artist arrangements on this CD as well.


Aster Paulen

Aster Paulen is a special Indie / Alternative band with a unique story.

As their name suggests (The Star of Paul and Lennon: Aster= Star (in Greek); Paulen= Paul + Lennon) Aster Paulen is heavily influenced by the purest British sound ever: The Beatles. The group originally started playing in Mexico as a Beatles Tribute band in 2001. A hard working group, Aster Paulen found themselves creating a buzz by performing great covers of the Beatles. They also found that because they could sing songs in both English and Spanish that their multicultural audience began to grow. Later, the group began to write their own material and noticed their sound echoed The Beatles as well as other musical influences like, Led Zeppelin, Kasabian and the Arctic Monkeys. Aster Paulen hit the road again but this time they played their own originals. The group performed at national fairs around the country as well as indie music festivals in Monterrey, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Their audiences ranged from 2,000 – 3,000 people and when all was said and done the band had played 500 shows. Yet, with all of this, the band still had a burning desire to go and be where the life blood of The Beatles were born, the UK. Bags were packed and the move made. At present, Aster Paulen resides in the UK and continues to play weekly performances making new fans and building audiences.

Aster Paulen: has interwoven melodies with more than a nod to the Beatles harmonies. Aster Paulen have managed to hit the sweet spot between being influenced by and sounding like there heroes by putting a contemporary twist on their music!’’ – Stevie B from Sm Radio,

Astor Paulen

Albums released:

  • London Siete EP (2009)
  • On the Road LP (2011)

Find Aster Paulen on the web


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