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Naomi Nektare is the daughter of a Cherokee mother and a Slavic father, born into a family of artists

The Arizona native wrote her first song at the age of three and hasn’t stopped writing or performing live since. Throughout her childhood she sang in her church’s Baptist choir. While still in high school, she was spotted by an arts talent scout, who chose her out of a national competition and awarded her a scholarship to Alliant International University. Naomi performed live in her University’s productions  fine-tuned her skills with vocal lessons from top coaches and wrote voraciously knowing that she would launch a true musical career in L.A. after finishing college. This hard work allowed her musical skills as a songwriter its own unique voice. As such Naomi wrote over 100 songs by the time she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. (A triple major in Drama, Voice and Dance.)

Naomi later moved to Hollywood where she began marketing and promoting her talent while ruthlessly pursuing her dream. Naomi’s music is a unique style of rock with juicy undercurrents of blues, funk, soul and psychedelia. Her live music performances are heavily influenced by the music of the 60’s and 70’s. Venue management once described her music as musical art with a fresh retro vibe. It is no wonder that some have called Naomi the” The truth maiden for the new millennium”.

There can be no better marketing or promotional tool in the world than listening to Naomi belt out a song in a live band setting. A voice that is known for belting out deep soul passages that rock the musical listener to the core. It is no wonder that music managers, agents and music promoters have likened her voice to that of Janis Joplin, Joan Osborne and Grace Slick.

The golden haired artist’s strongest influences are the Doors, Stevie Nicks, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Hendrix and the Chili Peppers. Outrageous and mesmerizing in a live concert, Naomi captivates every audience, and whips the crowd into frenzy, with charisma that is undeniable. The artist receives top billing at the best clubs in L.A. – including the Whiskey, Dragonfly, Key Club, Hard Rock Café, Viper Room and the House of Blues. Nektare’s concert at the ROXY Theater sold out. She performed to an overflow crowd for the CD release of “Conception” – which she wrote and produced herself. NEKTARE has rocked, the world famous AVALON, L.A’s most historic venue as well.

Music artists will agree that band management, marketing your music and promoting your band are all major keys to a successful career in the music business. Naomi is no exception and as such the artist’s music has been licensed for several movies. “I Want U 2 Love Me” was placed in an HBO movie and “New Day,” is the title song for an independent film playing in festivals worldwide.

Nektare has received awards for Best New Artist, Best Live Show, Best Song-Writing, Best Solo Artist, and Outstanding  Psychedelic Band from Rock City News & the L.A. Music Awards. Nektare also won first-place in the “Battle of the Bands,” from R.K.O. Records, showcasing the best from the O.C. and L.A. area.  Naomi has also been  nominated for “Best Female Vocals,” and “Best Female Front Woman,” from Rock City News.

Always a great person with venue management and a natural inclination for band promotion Naomi was chosen to host the L.A. Music Awards, at the Henry Fonda Theatre and was selected to be on their panel of judges as well. She has won the award for, “CONCERT PERFORMANCE of the YEAR”, from the prestigious HOLLYWOOD FAME AWARDS and as you can see the awards just keep coming.

Think you have seen this artist in music videos before, well you would be right.

Naomi has been  seen on  MTV and VH1, performing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their famous  hit video, “Tell Me Baby.”

Naomi Nektare is the whole package – sensual and electric – the   essence that is Rock Star.

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