Mami Horie

Mami Horie is a record producer, song writer, pianist, singer and musical arranger.

The artist was born in Kochi Shikoku Island Japan and comes from a musically talented family.  Mami’s grandfather is a great Shakuhachi and Shamisen player and her mother plays as well. So it seemed fairly certain that from an early age Mami would be destined for a career in the music business. Mami leaned to play koto, piano, sing and write music all from her artistic family.  Mami began to perform music at the age of 3.

The artist’s first promoted concert and concert performance experience was at age 4.

Through her playing experiences she found she enjoyed playing jazz and as such began playing jazz piano as a professional at the age of 15.

The artists first record label contract was with Victor Records as a singer. Almost immediately she began performing with the well-known fusion group Prism a band that would release the notable song, “Loving  You.”

In 1990, the musician started Cab Records Label with Satoh Co’. and as a record producer was key in releasing 15  jazz titles. (It is a worthy note here that 5 of these musical titles would go on to receive Jazz Best Sound Awards).

As music director in 1995, Mami became part of Dennis Bradford’s band, Solid Ground.

A great team, Bradford and Horie wrote the songs for a very powerful musical presentation entitled, ATTITUDE. The team would then go into the recording studio to play, arrange and produce music for a jazz movie called, A-train. The movie later won Best Movie Score Award for the duo’s track, “Someday”.

Mami then went on to work for Sesame Street Japan as a supervisor and producer for 5 years.

Her career in the music business continues to grow as she has  produced 400 musical shows, written numerous songs, choreographs, handles  costume design, and  speaks fluently in both English and Japanese.

Mami has released  3 jazz CD’s from Cab Records and in June of this year the artist arranged and sang on Play Station 3 songs.

Mami is a wonderful artist that  truly enjoys working with RSP from musician management to promotions for the artist.