Olga Tsepkalo

Olha/Olga Tsepkalo and her group, Contrabanda.com.ua is a mixture of talent, love, and determination.

Ms.Tsepkalo was born in the south of the Ukraine. At this time in the Soviet Union, being in a usual family meant that your child may not have any toys with which to play. It also meant that there were no washing machines for clean clothes, hot water was only used in the summer and everyone wore the same clothes. Even so, Olha dreamed of doing something she truly loved.

As time passed the young artist soon realized that she loved music and longed to sing. She treasured any moments she was able to spend listening to foreign music because this type of music was a true rarity. Later, Olha, attended musical school where her major subject was the accordion, the only instrument opening left in the school.

At age 16, Ms.Tsepkalo joined her first rock band. (The artist started composing songs in English as she considered English phonetics ideal for her singing).

Olha then found herself in love at age 19, to a drummer she met named Denis Sidorenko and; in 2001 the two founded the band Contrabanda.com.ua. (Denis is the only child in a family of musicians. His father is a drummer and his mother a singer.)

Denis and Olha eventually moved to Kiev, where they met Andrey Kryvoruchko (guitar) whom they asked to join the band as well. (Andrey had come to Kiev in search of a better life for himself.)

As with most bands there are many growing pains along the way, some are emotional and others are very cheerful and funny.  For example, one quarrel between Denis and Olha found them not speaking to each other for a year and a half. Then, Andrey came down with TB, and through hard struggles and determination he was able to recover and then marry.

No matter the obstacles via numerous bass changes in the band, or solid/non- solid recording deals this unit was still the unchangeable backbone of the band.

Olha and Contrabanda.com.ua eventually caught the attention of some very big music publishers, music producers and major recording labels. They were eventually signed to the record label COMP MUSIC/EMI and their first album was released in 2006. Following this a couple of music video clips were also promoted, marketed and released by their record label.

The group has released a second album and shortly thereafter found themselves the winners of the Song of the Year Contest in the Pop Category for the song, “Don’t You
Waiting,”. The band continued to be highly publicized through venue management and a steadfast push of their music writing abilities and became Semifinalists in the International Songwriting
Competition with the song, “Would You Drive Me Home” as well.

The group has found that constant promotion, band management and a great musical career goal have kept them on track.