Aster Paulen

Aster Paulen is a special Indie / Alternative band with a unique story.

As their name suggests (The Star of Paul and Lennon: Aster= Star (in Greek); Paulen= Paul + Lennon) Aster Paulen is heavily influenced by the purest British sound ever: The Beatles. The group originally started playing in Mexico as a Beatles Tribute band in 2001. A hard working group, Aster Paulen found themselves creating a buzz by performing great covers of the Beatles. They also found that because they could sing songs in both English and Spanish that their multicultural audience began to grow. Later, the group began to write their own material and noticed their sound echoed The Beatles as well as other musical influences like, Led Zeppelin, Kasabian and the Arctic Monkeys. Aster Paulen hit the road again but this time they played their own originals. The group performed at national fairs around the country as well as indie music festivals in Monterrey, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Their audiences ranged from 2,000 – 3,000 people and when all was said and done the band had played 500 shows. Yet, with all of this, the band still had a burning desire to go and be where the life blood of The Beatles were born, the UK. Bags were packed and the move made. At present, Aster Paulen resides in the UK and continues to play weekly performances making new fans and building audiences.

Aster Paulen: has interwoven melodies with more than a nod to the Beatles harmonies. Aster Paulen have managed to hit the sweet spot between being influenced by and sounding like there heroes by putting a contemporary twist on their music!’’ – Stevie B from Sm Radio,

Astor Paulen

Albums released:

  • London Siete EP (2009)
  • On the Road LP (2011)

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