Sample Rate


Sample Rate is a band from the Ukraine founded by Taras Terletsky and Vitaliy Lityagin.  The group is an Alternative-Pop-Rock band  that is quite special because they combine melodical vocals, symphonic polyphony and hard rock riffs. Founded in 2002  by its vocalist/guitarist, Taras Terletsky the group is destined to be as huge of a success as histories Depeche Mode or Styx.

Sample Rates first album, “Emotions,”  was studio recorded and released in 2003. The songs chosen for the album were a result of music marketing,  playing numerous clubs and getting  their fans input as to the best songs to release.

Within a few years, Sample Rate began playing in various festivals. Festivals such as: the “Tavriyan games” (one of the biggest musical events in Ukraine),  “Gnizdo” (2 times grand prix), “Beer fest of Lviv”, “Chervona Ruta”, “Wild wind”, “100 hours of music”, and the “Snikers Urbania 2007” to name a few. The bands music can be heard on  both popular  Radio and TV Channels in the Ukraine like: “Nashe Radio”, “Lvivska hvylya”, “M FM”, FDR, LTV, OTV, M1, UTZ-TV, and more than 50 different media outlets all around the Ukraine. European and US journalists have also discovered the band;  as “Times” published an interview with Taras on its official Website.

Sample Rate has just released their first English-Language CD called, “The Breathe”. (You can also hear one of their cuts,” Stay To Be”, on the remake of an official Lineage II Movie.)

The band constantly writes and produces their own material. They own not only their own recording studio but have the means to make videos as well. The band is progressive in business and are constantly working on marketing their music and checking into venue management whenever possible.

Sample Rate is also very conscious of being positive music promoters of matters and issues of the world.  Upon close listening to their CD you will find that the band has addressed ecology minded themes in an artistic and carrying way. During the Tsunami tragedy in Japan the band was deeply touched. So the band wrote a special song and produced a video to express their heartfelt condolences to the serious conditions suffered by men, women and children during the Tsunami crisis in Japan.

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