YoungHearts LightFire

Originating from the UK, YoungHearts LightFire play an uncompromising and original musical mix of American influenced vocals and catchy 80’s style guitar riffs.

Originally founded by four friends with a mutual love of 70’s and 80’s rock and new wave , YoungHearts LightFire create songs ranging from 80’s sonic guitar anthems to punchy Brit-pop dance floor fillers.

YoungHearts LightFire began their existence as The 925s and had some success throughout the Benelux following the 2008 release of their debut recorded album (Time to wake up, Red Bullet Records) but as personal differences crept into the band, The 925s crashed and burned.

Out of the ashes rose the phoenix and YoungHearts LightFire is the brainchild of former 925s lead guitarist Yemcy and bass player Adam Tucker.

After picking up the pieces and getting on with the job in hand, YoungHearts LightFire continued to play sell out concert performances with  other musical artists such as: We Are Scientists, Babyshambles, The Fratellis, The Subways and 15 live band shows with legendary rockers Golden Earring.

To date YoungHearts LightFire (ex 925s)with the aid of great venue management and band management has played almost every major Dutch concert venue (including The Paradiso, Melkweg, 013, Effenaar and the Heineken Music Hall) to more than 50,000 fans cumulative.

Currently working towards their debut recorded album as YoungHearts LightFire the band continues to perform and promote as many live shows as possible to create awareness amongst fans of the new changes.

Lead guitarist Yemcy added, “We are taking more chances than we did on the last album plus with the experiences of band touring and playing live shows in Holland it’s exposed us to a lot of new influences. I think the songs will be a bit deeper as in my opinion we’ve progressed a lot musically.”

YoungHearts LightFire also have a studio partner in Audioworkx, Hoogeloon (The Netherlands) which is a relaxed recording  studio with state of the art facilities that can provide a huge benefit to any record label.


Cakewalk Demo of the year outright winners (as The 925s)

3rd place in Kerrangs unsigned battle of the bands (as The 925s)

Wake Up video, one of the most viewed videos on (as The 925s)

Wake Up video played on ‘b’ rotation TMF (as The 925s)

Venues played include the Paradiso, the Heineken Music Hall, Melkweg, 013, De Effenaar, Tivoli etc.

An Endorsement deal has been signed with Fairbanks Endorsements Ltd.


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