Jimy Graham

Jimy Graham is an Award-Winning Blues, Rock and Reggae Artist who has performed his music worldwide. At age 8, he picked up the guitar and began playing melodies in his native state of New York. He found that he loved the many variations of sound that music had to offer; from the soul of Motown, […]

Dark Rouge Park

The music of Dark Rouge Park combines classic electronic SynthPop sound with thought-provoking lyrics and unique vocal styling. The lyrics focuses on the reality and sadness in life while promoting survival and coping. “Parallel World addresses topics you don’t always hear discussed in other music, and they do so in such a deep, meaningful way,” […]


Remain is Michael Rosser – Bass, Caleb Coonrod – Guitar,Lead Vox, Perry Hill- Drums, Jonathan McNary – Lead Guitar. Remain is an American Rock band from Denton, Texas. The band played its first show at the Labb in Denton on August 16, 2014. Since then, they have honed a powerful, poetic sound composed of bar […]

Silvia Balistreri

The first thing we need to know about the talented artist Silva is that she was born into a family of artists. Her father Girolamo Balistreri in fact, was a painter and sculptor. Since her childhood, she was strongly attracted by music. At 16 years of age she started to attend the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory […]

Closed Circle

Closed Circle is a band that incorporates so much and yet defies so many rock genres, that all you can do is listen and be amazed. The band was formed in 2008 by three young guys (Doug Weiand, Felipe Durli, and Matheus Carrer Neto) who liked heavy rock and progressive music. Felipe began playing bass […]

Remus Tucker

Remus Tucker is based out of Denver Colorado and is a purveyor of fast moving Southern Fried Rock. His mix of good ole Southern Rock and Blues keeps feet stomping and butts moving. Tucker has played with the likes of Firefall John Lee Hooker Jr. and has always left crowds satisfied. The artist’s influences are […]

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