Dennis Bradford

Dennis Bradford was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and was fortunate to grow up in a musically talented family. Dennis’s father and trumpet player, Bobby Bradford, is famous worldwide as being a member of Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Quincy Jones’s bands. It is no surprise then that Dennis was influenced a great deal by his father and learned much about music. The young drummer began playing at 4.

At the age of 6, Bradford was ready for his first concert debut performance in Portland. As time passed the young artist was constantly involved in numerous studio recordings and live music sessions. Eventually this hard work garnered Bradford his first major recording contract with Arista Records. During this time Dennis performed and recorded for 11 years with “The Jeff Lorber Fusion“, the group that invented a new kind of music in the twentieth century called “fusion”. Bradford was the original drummer for this group, which included band member Kenny G. (It is often stated through music marketing, music promotions or just word of mouth that the sound of the band’s music came predominantly from Dennis’ originality in music arrangement.) Dennis has released numerous studio recordings and performed live with Jeff at events including Chick Corea and Stanley Clark. A recorded album from one of these live musical concerts was ranked in the top 10 American hit charts. Square Catheopia, one of many fusion groups that were inspired and influenced by Jeff Lorber Fusion, achieved a number 1 hit in Japan.

Since 1989, Dennis focused his music in Tokyo, Japan. Six years later, he met Mami through live performances and in May 2001 they released the album “Attitude“, with all songs arranged by Dennis and Mami. Focusing on their work as a team, their musical world began to expand to various off-stage areas. They have arranged music for famous Play Station II game software and for many artists in Japan. Agnes Chang (a Chinese singer and famous pop singer in Japan), Yuri Hoshina, and Yuka are currently releasing CDs  produced/arranged by Dennis and Mami. Dennis has also performed as actor and composed and produced music with Mami for the movie Take The A- Train.

Dennis Bradford is a talented artist respected by his peers and supported by fans and audiences throughout Japan and the world.