Prestorika is Progressive/Metal at its finest. The group was formed in 2001 and their early influences were Metallica, Maiden and Megadeth. The band has rightfully earned the reputation of being one of the leading heavy metal acts and live bands in the nation. The group has played in support of artists such as: (The Rasmus) in 2005 in Mumbai and Bangalore, India; with (Freak Kitchen) in Great Indian Rock festival in 2006 in Mumbai, Wes Borland; (Slipknot / Limp Bizkit) in 2007; the Rock In India festival in March 2008 along with (Machine Head and Megadeth) and has played with (Anvil) as well. Prestorika released a new CD in March 2009 at the Canadian Music Week’09 entitled – “The Most Confidential Knowledge”.

Below is a published article written by RANJABATI DAS called,” Creating a Universal Tune,” for the Calcutta, India Newspaper – The Telegraph.  A publication that is highly marketed and promoted in India.

The Telegraph

Creating a Universal Tune


Prestorika wreaked havoc on stage at Someplace Else on March 27. t2 brings you a snapshot of the band…

From: Delhi.

Genre: Progressive metal.

Language: English, “because we like making music in a universal language.”

Members: Range from age 23 to 27. Vasav Vashisht (vocalist), Vikas Dharmasattu (lead guitarist), Nikhil Jhingon (rhythm guitarist), Rahul Lal (bass guitarist), Tazeem Raza (classical guitarist), Nitesh Vasandani (drummer).

When: Formed in 2001 when Vasav and Nitesh were in Class X at St Xavier’s, Delhi.

Influences: Vasav likes mellow and orchestra music, Nitesh likes riff-based tracks, Rahul and Nikhil are totally into metal while Vikas listens to a mixed bag.

Record label: Robert Speed Productions  Artist Management based in San Diego, California. They’d rather produce their own albums by playing in shows and doing side projects to collect enough capital.

Top moments: “There are two for me,” says Nitesh, “when we played at Rock In India with Megadeth and Machine Head in early 2008, and Anvil at Canadian Music Week.”

The SPE act: The first few songs — Slow And Simple, For You and The Destroyer — were from Prestorika’s upcoming album The Most Confidential Knowledge. Launched at Canada Music Week, the album will be introduced in May-June “through free downloads to Indians”. The night was “70 per cent self-composed” with Megadeth’s Take No Prisoners and Hangar 18, Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills and The Wickerman and Metallica’s Master Of Puppets adding depth.

Voiceover: “Craziest food and girls — basic facts that we enjoy in Calcutta!” smiles Nitesh. And the city, he adds, feels like home after the numerous gigs over the past four years.

Overheard: “I love Vasav’s long, silky hair as much as I love their music. It’s brutal,” said 21-year-old Keith from Goa.