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Sample Rate


Sample Rate is a band from the Ukraine founded by Taras Terletsky and Vitaliy Lityagin.  The group is an Alternative-Pop-Rock band  that is quite special because they combine melodical vocals, symphonic polyphony and hard rock riffs. Founded in 2002  by its vocalist/guitarist, Taras Terletsky the group is destined to be as huge of a success as histories Depeche Mode or Styx.

Sample Rates first album, “Emotions,”  was studio recorded and released in 2003. The songs chosen for the album were a result of music marketing,  playing numerous clubs and getting  their fans input as to the best songs to release.

Within a few years, Sample Rate began playing in various festivals. Festivals such as: the “Tavriyan games” (one of the biggest musical events in Ukraine),  “Gnizdo” (2 times grand prix), “Beer fest of Lviv”, “Chervona Ruta”, “Wild wind”, “100 hours of music”, and the “Snikers Urbania 2007” to name a few. The bands music can be heard on  both popular  Radio and TV Channels in the Ukraine like: “Nashe Radio”, “Lvivska hvylya”, “M FM”, FDR, LTV, OTV, M1, UTZ-TV, and more than 50 different media outlets all around the Ukraine. European and US journalists have also discovered the band;  as “Times” published an interview with Taras on its official Website.

Sample Rate has just released their first English-Language CD called, “The Breathe”. (You can also hear one of their cuts,” Stay To Be”, on the remake of an official Lineage II Movie.)

The band constantly writes and produces their own material. They own not only their own recording studio but have the means to make videos as well. The band is progressive in business and are constantly working on marketing their music and checking into venue management whenever possible.

Sample Rate is also very conscious of being positive music promoters of matters and issues of the world.  Upon close listening to their CD you will find that the band has addressed ecology minded themes in an artistic and carrying way. During the Tsunami tragedy in Japan the band was deeply touched. So the band wrote a special song and produced a video to express their heartfelt condolences to the serious conditions suffered by men, women and children during the Tsunami crisis in Japan.

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Naomi Nektare


Naomi Nektare is the daughter of a Cherokee mother and a Slavic father, born into a family of artists

The Arizona native wrote her first song at the age of three and hasn’t stopped writing or performing live since. Throughout her childhood she sang in her church’s Baptist choir. While still in high school, she was spotted by an arts talent scout, who chose her out of a national competition and awarded her a scholarship to Alliant International University. Naomi performed live in her University’s productions  fine-tuned her skills with vocal lessons from top coaches and wrote voraciously knowing that she would launch a true musical career in L.A. after finishing college. This hard work allowed her musical skills as a songwriter its own unique voice. As such Naomi wrote over 100 songs by the time she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. (A triple major in Drama, Voice and Dance.)

Naomi later moved to Hollywood where she began marketing and promoting her talent while ruthlessly pursuing her dream. Naomi’s music is a unique style of rock with juicy undercurrents of blues, funk, soul and psychedelia. Her live music performances are heavily influenced by the music of the 60’s and 70’s. Venue management once described her music as musical art with a fresh retro vibe. It is no wonder that some have called Naomi the” The truth maiden for the new millennium”.

There can be no better marketing or promotional tool in the world than listening to Naomi belt out a song in a live band setting. A voice that is known for belting out deep soul passages that rock the musical listener to the core. It is no wonder that music managers, agents and music promoters have likened her voice to that of Janis Joplin, Joan Osborne and Grace Slick.

The golden haired artist’s strongest influences are the Doors, Stevie Nicks, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Hendrix and the Chili Peppers. Outrageous and mesmerizing in a live concert, Naomi captivates every audience, and whips the crowd into frenzy, with charisma that is undeniable. The artist receives top billing at the best clubs in L.A. – including the Whiskey, Dragonfly, Key Club, Hard Rock Café, Viper Room and the House of Blues. Nektare’s concert at the ROXY Theater sold out. She performed to an overflow crowd for the CD release of “Conception” – which she wrote and produced herself. NEKTARE has rocked, the world famous AVALON, L.A’s most historic venue as well.

Music artists will agree that band management, marketing your music and promoting your band are all major keys to a successful career in the music business. Naomi is no exception and as such the artist’s music has been licensed for several movies. “I Want U 2 Love Me” was placed in an HBO movie and “New Day,” is the title song for an independent film playing in festivals worldwide.

Nektare has received awards for Best New Artist, Best Live Show, Best Song-Writing, Best Solo Artist, and Outstanding  Psychedelic Band from Rock City News & the L.A. Music Awards. Nektare also won first-place in the “Battle of the Bands,” from R.K.O. Records, showcasing the best from the O.C. and L.A. area.  Naomi has also been  nominated for “Best Female Vocals,” and “Best Female Front Woman,” from Rock City News.

Always a great person with venue management and a natural inclination for band promotion Naomi was chosen to host the L.A. Music Awards, at the Henry Fonda Theatre and was selected to be on their panel of judges as well. She has won the award for, “CONCERT PERFORMANCE of the YEAR”, from the prestigious HOLLYWOOD FAME AWARDS and as you can see the awards just keep coming.

Think you have seen this artist in music videos before, well you would be right.

Naomi has been  seen on  MTV and VH1, performing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their famous  hit video, “Tell Me Baby.”

Naomi Nektare is the whole package – sensual and electric – the   essence that is Rock Star.

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Prestorika is Progressive/Metal at its finest. The group was formed in 2001 and their early influences were Metallica, Maiden and Megadeth. The band has rightfully earned the reputation of being one of the leading heavy metal acts and live bands in the nation. The group has played in support of artists such as: (The Rasmus) in 2005 in Mumbai and Bangalore, India; with (Freak Kitchen) in Great Indian Rock festival in 2006 in Mumbai, Wes Borland; (Slipknot / Limp Bizkit) in 2007; the Rock In India festival in March 2008 along with (Machine Head and Megadeth) and has played with (Anvil) as well. Prestorika released a new CD in March 2009 at the Canadian Music Week’09 entitled – “The Most Confidential Knowledge”.

Below is a published article written by RANJABATI DAS called,” Creating a Universal Tune,” for the Calcutta, India Newspaper – The Telegraph.  A publication that is highly marketed and promoted in India.

The Telegraph

Creating a Universal Tune


Prestorika wreaked havoc on stage at Someplace Else on March 27. t2 brings you a snapshot of the band…

From: Delhi.

Genre: Progressive metal.

Language: English, “because we like making music in a universal language.”

Members: Range from age 23 to 27. Vasav Vashisht (vocalist), Vikas Dharmasattu (lead guitarist), Nikhil Jhingon (rhythm guitarist), Rahul Lal (bass guitarist), Tazeem Raza (classical guitarist), Nitesh Vasandani (drummer).

When: Formed in 2001 when Vasav and Nitesh were in Class X at St Xavier’s, Delhi.

Influences: Vasav likes mellow and orchestra music, Nitesh likes riff-based tracks, Rahul and Nikhil are totally into metal while Vikas listens to a mixed bag.

Record label: Robert Speed Productions  Artist Management based in San Diego, California. They’d rather produce their own albums by playing in shows and doing side projects to collect enough capital.

Top moments: “There are two for me,” says Nitesh, “when we played at Rock In India with Megadeth and Machine Head in early 2008, and Anvil at Canadian Music Week.”

The SPE act: The first few songs — Slow And Simple, For You and The Destroyer — were from Prestorika’s upcoming album The Most Confidential Knowledge. Launched at Canada Music Week, the album will be introduced in May-June “through free downloads to Indians”. The night was “70 per cent self-composed” with Megadeth’s Take No Prisoners and Hangar 18, Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills and The Wickerman and Metallica’s Master Of Puppets adding depth.

Voiceover: “Craziest food and girls — basic facts that we enjoy in Calcutta!” smiles Nitesh. And the city, he adds, feels like home after the numerous gigs over the past four years.

Overheard: “I love Vasav’s long, silky hair as much as I love their music. It’s brutal,” said 21-year-old Keith from Goa.


Chloe Pappas


R&B / Rock / Roots Music

Chloe Pappas is a singer and guitarist who burst on to the LA scene in 2010 with her eclectic Roots Rock/ Neo Soul sound.  At times, reminiscent of an Alicia Keys or Erykah Badu, this 23 year old songstress is a refreshing, modernized mix of soul and rock inspired by early Prince.

The young artist spent most of her life as a Minnesota Native. Growing up just outside of Minneapolis, Chloe was exposed to music at an early age. After winning several local talent shows, Chloe landed lead parts in live musicals locally, performing in prestigious theatres such as Ordway and Phipps centers. In addition to theatrical work, Chloe also began singing the national anthem for every Major League sports Team In MN (Vikings, Timber wolves and Twins.)  These various musical performances eventually led her to Paisley Park recording studios, where she recorded her first album of children’s songs, which was sold and promoted at Target corps.

After Finishing high school at “Perpich Center for the Arts Education” and playing live locally in the twin cities throughout her teens, Chloe was awarded a scholarship to attend Berklee College Of Music, which she accepted.

During her time in pursuit of a BMA in Contemporary Writing and production at Berklee College of Music, Chloe toured extensively throughout the east coast with her self-titled group, releasing a recorded album called Ingénue.  In addition to teaching seminars at M.I.T with Dr. Lee Pearlman, Chloe was also able to sing in many college sponsored events including performers such as  Juan Luis Guerra, Herbie Hancock, Patrice Rushen, Gloria Estefan, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, Phillip Bailey, and Maurice White.

In the fall of 2009  the artist moved to NYC briefly , where she performed with  successful national artists Soullive, Lettuce and Nigel Hall.

Jan 2010, found Chloe living in Los Angeles and finding the perfect location for a big career in the music business.  The artist has appeared with Ceelo Green and Randy Jackson ( Lead singer in Randy Jackson’s making the band) in addition to  playing with her own self-titled group “Chloe”.  She has toured worldwide with  members of the “This Is It” band as lead guitarist In Japan as well.

Currently Chloe has been signed to major recording label Music Masters Inc. and the music label is in preparation for marketing and promoting her new musical EP  in the winter of 2011.  States Chloe, “I am so excited to have signed with major record label Music Masters, because with them, music comes first. It is so rare that artists are able to stay true to their roots long enough to do something timeless, as the industry today is about formula as opposed to talent. Other labels may produce cash cows, but Music Masters will foster the genius of some of the brightest young stars of today, because talent is required, and they have the resources.”


Chloe Pappas is the kind of artist that has it all. She is talented, lovely and has an amazing singing voice and range. Pappas is also a gifted guitar player as well. All and all she is a shining new star. –

Robert Speed President
Robert Speed Productions
Music Masters Inc.
Vice President of Artists Management


Chloe Pappas is one of the most talented female vocals I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career thus far. It’s not every day you hear a creative blend of soul, rock, blues, with a hint a funk in ONE artist. When I first joined the Chloe’s camp, and heard her music, I was immediately blown away with the energy of her sound, while still maintaining a great sense of musicality.- Steven Robinson- drummer


Chloe has a tremendous amount of onstage charisma that is matched off-stage by her commitment to her craft.  This combination all but assures her a place as a future soul-infused star along the lines of the great Bonnie Raitt and other amazing blue-eyed soul sisters! – Tanisha Jackson, artist manager for Morris Pleasure.

Tanisha Jackson
Vice President, WaterSign Media, L.L.C.
Owner, Jackson Talent & Publicity


Chloe Pappas is an incredibly talented and charismatic vocalist, performer and musician. I had the great pleasure of working with her on a tour in Japan and Korea recently and found her to be not only professional and inspirational but also a joy to be around. She is one of my favorite vocalists I have worked with. I would recommend her highly for anything she would be interested in undertaking.

Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, Rickie Lee Jones, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Jimmy Webb, CSN and many others)

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Ronny Corbin

Ronny Corbin is a singer and songwriter from Texas.  An artist that is a talented, humble and prolific individual. Says Ronny, “Going to gigs with my dad, who played lead guitar for country great Gene Watson, started it all for me. That exposure, along with learning to play, write and sing gave me a great sense of adventure. I have always been motivated by the journey of life and writing the songs that tell the stories.”

By age 18, Ronny had seen all of Texas so he hit the road with his guitar, a fishing rod, 150 bucks and an old red truck. Continues Ronny, “I made it all the way to Alaska, talked and sang my way into a job guiding fishing trips. Since we didn’t have TV or even a radio out in the bush, we would fish during the day and play live music for our clients every night. I spent 13 years fishing, flying and playing live music at lodges and bars.”

It was in Alaska where Ronny first took to the skies. “Airplanes are as common as cars are everywhere else. After all that time in “The Bush” I traded away the floatplanes for airliners. I’ve been furloughed 9 times, twice by United Airlines. The only stable thing I’ve ever been  a part of is music,” states Corbin.

It was this love of music and the true need to share a gift that took Corbin into the music studio to record the album, “ New Way To Fly”. The CD was recorded at BGM network in San Antonio. Ronny’s brother Daryl was record  producer on the project and the music veteran  Bill Green musical engineer. (Bill has also worked with artists like Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Faith Hill and others.)

Says Ronny, “Writing music and performing in a live band are my passion and are a full time commitment. For me, music is about the journey of life and all its stories. Some precious and some tragic. I am committed to making my recorded music and my live musical presentations grow  with the times while keeping a sense of responsibility and a sense of humor. Today our journeys have brought us together, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to the music and visit my page”.


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Dennis Bradford

Dennis Bradford was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and was fortunate to grow up in a musically talented family. Dennis’s father and trumpet player, Bobby Bradford, is famous worldwide as being a member of Billy Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Quincy Jones’s bands. It is no surprise then that Dennis was influenced a great deal by his father and learned much about music. The young drummer began playing at 4.

At the age of 6, Bradford was ready for his first concert debut performance in Portland. As time passed the young artist was constantly involved in numerous studio recordings and live music sessions. Eventually this hard work garnered Bradford his first major recording contract with Arista Records. During this time Dennis performed and recorded for 11 years with “The Jeff Lorber Fusion“, the group that invented a new kind of music in the twentieth century called “fusion”. Bradford was the original drummer for this group, which included band member Kenny G. (It is often stated through music marketing, music promotions or just word of mouth that the sound of the band’s music came predominantly from Dennis’ originality in music arrangement.) Dennis has released numerous studio recordings and performed live with Jeff at events including Chick Corea and Stanley Clark. A recorded album from one of these live musical concerts was ranked in the top 10 American hit charts. Square Catheopia, one of many fusion groups that were inspired and influenced by Jeff Lorber Fusion, achieved a number 1 hit in Japan.

Since 1989, Dennis focused his music in Tokyo, Japan. Six years later, he met Mami through live performances and in May 2001 they released the album “Attitude“, with all songs arranged by Dennis and Mami. Focusing on their work as a team, their musical world began to expand to various off-stage areas. They have arranged music for famous Play Station II game software and for many artists in Japan. Agnes Chang (a Chinese singer and famous pop singer in Japan), Yuri Hoshina, and Yuka are currently releasing CDs  produced/arranged by Dennis and Mami. Dennis has also performed as actor and composed and produced music with Mami for the movie Take The A- Train.

Dennis Bradford is a talented artist respected by his peers and supported by fans and audiences throughout Japan and the world.


YoungHearts LightFire

Originating from the UK, YoungHearts LightFire play an uncompromising and original musical mix of American influenced vocals and catchy 80’s style guitar riffs.

Originally founded by four friends with a mutual love of 70’s and 80’s rock and new wave , YoungHearts LightFire create songs ranging from 80’s sonic guitar anthems to punchy Brit-pop dance floor fillers.

YoungHearts LightFire began their existence as The 925s and had some success throughout the Benelux following the 2008 release of their debut recorded album (Time to wake up, Red Bullet Records) but as personal differences crept into the band, The 925s crashed and burned.

Out of the ashes rose the phoenix and YoungHearts LightFire is the brainchild of former 925s lead guitarist Yemcy and bass player Adam Tucker.

After picking up the pieces and getting on with the job in hand, YoungHearts LightFire continued to play sell out concert performances with  other musical artists such as: We Are Scientists, Babyshambles, The Fratellis, The Subways and 15 live band shows with legendary rockers Golden Earring.

To date YoungHearts LightFire (ex 925s)with the aid of great venue management and band management has played almost every major Dutch concert venue (including The Paradiso, Melkweg, 013, Effenaar and the Heineken Music Hall) to more than 50,000 fans cumulative.

Currently working towards their debut recorded album as YoungHearts LightFire the band continues to perform and promote as many live shows as possible to create awareness amongst fans of the new changes.

Lead guitarist Yemcy added, “We are taking more chances than we did on the last album plus with the experiences of band touring and playing live shows in Holland it’s exposed us to a lot of new influences. I think the songs will be a bit deeper as in my opinion we’ve progressed a lot musically.”

YoungHearts LightFire also have a studio partner in Audioworkx, Hoogeloon (The Netherlands) which is a relaxed recording  studio with state of the art facilities that can provide a huge benefit to any record label.


Cakewalk Demo of the year outright winners (as The 925s)

3rd place in Kerrangs unsigned battle of the bands (as The 925s)

Wake Up video, one of the most viewed videos on (as The 925s)

Wake Up video played on ‘b’ rotation TMF (as The 925s)

Venues played include the Paradiso, the Heineken Music Hall, Melkweg, 013, De Effenaar, Tivoli etc.

An Endorsement deal has been signed with Fairbanks Endorsements Ltd.


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