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Sheldon Reynolds

Reynolds is most widely known as former lead guitarist and vocalist with the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire. During that era, Reynolds also recorded with the group Chicago. His tenure with Earth, Wind & Fire lasted 14 years. Reynolds received an Image Award for lifetime achievement while a member of Earth, Wind & Fire. In the mid 90’s Reynolds was nominated for a Grammy for the popular song Sunday Morning, which Reynolds wrote and recorded with EWF.

Tania Doko


As one half of Bachelor Girl, TANIA DOKO enjoyed much success through the decade long journey with James Roche.  It was 1998 when Bachelor Girl’s debut single Buses & Trains leapt onto the Australian music charts and since that time became one of the country’s leading live and recording acts.

The song-writing chemistry between Tania and James was explosive and their double platinum selling debut, Waiting For The Day won them the 1998 ARIA for Best Producer and put them on the unstoppable trajectory towards their  second album, Dysfunctional (2002) which features musical hits including ‘I’m Just a Girl’ &‘Drowning Not Waving’.  It is no wonder the band was ultimately signed by record producer and music industry executive Clive Davis at Arista Records in the USA.

In 1999, with 4 ARIA Award nominations and the APRA Award for Song of The Year & PPCA most played song on Australian radio (Buses & Trains), Bachelor Girl rode high on the airwaves and the charts as their debut release spawned five smash hit singles including ‘Buses and Trains’, ‘Treat Me Good’ and the anthemic Australian classic ‘Permission To Shine’. Following this amazing success in Australia & abroad, Tania was invited to perform a lead role in SEL’s ‘Tim Rice Musical Spectacular’ (2001) as well as a judge/mentor role on Channel 7’s ‘Popstars’ (2004).

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Mami Horie

Mami Horie is a record producer, song writer, pianist, singer and musical arranger.

The artist was born in Kochi Shikoku Island Japan and comes from a musically talented family.  Mami’s grandfather is a great Shakuhachi and Shamisen player and her mother plays as well. So it seemed fairly certain that from an early age Mami would be destined for a career in the music business. Mami leaned to play koto, piano, sing and write music all from her artistic family.  Mami began to perform music at the age of 3.

The artist’s first promoted concert and concert performance experience was at age 4.

Through her playing experiences she found she enjoyed playing jazz and as such began playing jazz piano as a professional at the age of 15.

The artists first record label contract was with Victor Records as a singer. Almost immediately she began performing with the well-known fusion group Prism a band that would release the notable song, “Loving  You.”

In 1990, the musician started Cab Records Label with Satoh Co’. and as a record producer was key in releasing 15  jazz titles. (It is a worthy note here that 5 of these musical titles would go on to receive Jazz Best Sound Awards).

As music director in 1995, Mami became part of Dennis Bradford’s band, Solid Ground.

A great team, Bradford and Horie wrote the songs for a very powerful musical presentation entitled, ATTITUDE. The team would then go into the recording studio to play, arrange and produce music for a jazz movie called, A-train. The movie later won Best Movie Score Award for the duo’s track, “Someday”.

Mami then went on to work for Sesame Street Japan as a supervisor and producer for 5 years.

Her career in the music business continues to grow as she has  produced 400 musical shows, written numerous songs, choreographs, handles  costume design, and  speaks fluently in both English and Japanese.

Mami has released  3 jazz CD’s from Cab Records and in June of this year the artist arranged and sang on Play Station 3 songs.

Mami is a wonderful artist that  truly enjoys working with RSP from musician management to promotions for the artist.

Van Downham

Simon Van Downham first picked up the guitar at the age of 10. By age 13, the self-taught artist was playing in his older brother’s band throughout the North West of England. By the time Simon was 15, he had formed his own band with a couple of school friends. The band played music that they had all been listening to at the time such as The Doobie Brothers and Joe Jackson. During this time Simon also realized that his voice was coming into its own and that he really loved the harmonies in the bands he had been listening too. Simon would continue on his musical journey and for the next 5 years he would form various type bands from Southern  Rock to Pop. One such band named Immediate Blues featured songs from one of Simon’s hero’s Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Now 26, Simon had decided to take time out and concentrate on something, which had always been at the forefront of his mind, that being to write original material. A new band soon followed named, On The Edge. On The Edge was a five-piece band consisting of guitar, keys, bass, drums and sax. The band went on to win a nationwide battle of the bands original music composition award and several doors were opened for the group including being able to record in a major recording studio and receiving music promotion and radio airplay. Although the band seemed to be headed in the right direction lack of commitment from some of its members caused the band to break up.

Later Simon was asked and agreed to join Lieutenant Pigeon, a band who had recently reformed and enjoyed some chart success. The move would prove to be a very good one as Van Downham went on to perform for a number of years with the band touring the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Since this time Simon has played with many well-known names including: Denny Laine (Wings), Alan Silson, Peter Spencer (Smokie), Clive Bunker (Tull) and is one of the famed artists who played with The UK Legends.

Currently, Simon Van Downham is concentrating on his solo career with the UK Band called, Van Downham. The group is quite special because the music combines great vocal harmonies with stellar musicianship. It is no surprise then that from marketing the music and promoting the band that press and fans alike have compared Van Downham’s sound to The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Tom Petty, and other great classic southern rock bands. The group through venue management and band management has enjoyed massive success across Europe over the past several years (Particularly in Eastern Europe), where they have performed steadily in stadiums and huge festivals. Van Downham has also had the pleasure of performing live on Polish TV at the Miss Intercontinental Contest.

Simon, a fine record producer and the owner of a state of the art recording studio,  has recently recorded and released a new CD entitled, THE DARKNESS.

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R.E.M. UK is the best tribute to REM in the world.  The band has played to crowds of 50,000 and has performed in such countries as: Ireland, Italy, Malta, Belgium and Holland.

Initially “Stipe”, formed by Rick Southern in 1996, performed mainly in the North of England and Scotland.  Over the years Southern played gigs throughout the UK and Europe, honing and perfecting Michael Stipe’s very individual persona.

In 2002, Rick decided it was time for a new Stipe, and along with monster keyboard player Pete Nicholls, recruited Tony Williams on bass guitar, Paul Tonge on guitar and Nick Peters on drums.

Over the next few years through marketing, venue management  and band promotions the group built up an enviable reputation as an authentic and entertaining tribute to REM. It is no surprise then that the band’s web site became the most popular location to find on search engines Google and MSN.

R.E.M.UK has over sixty REM songs in their repertoire and their list continues to grow. Also, like REM, the group changes their set considerably and keeps everything sounding fresh.

The band felt particularly proud when they performed a “Live Show” in front of Michael Stipe on the BBC’s “The One Show”. The show had an audience of 5.1 million viewers watching them perform. Said Stipe, “You sounded awesome!”

Here is what some of the fans have to say about the band R.E.M. UK:

“arguably better than the live performance by REM themselves (dare I say that?)”

“My advice to you – If you hear R.E.M. UK are playing a gig near you then drop everything and go and see them.”

“No one gets closer to the inimitable style of Michael Stipe than Rick Southern.  Backed by a band that plays with passion and precision, this is a show not to be missed by anyone who likes R.E.M.”

“R.E.M. UK’s outstanding performance of R.E.M. music is second to none, not to be missed.”

Current members of R.E.M. UK include:  Rick Southern – Vocals, Chris Kinsella – Keyboards / acoustic guitar, Tony Williams – Bass / acoustic guitar / backing vocals, Paul Tonge – Guitar / mandolin / backing vocals and  Frank Mahon – Drums

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Amberly Palmer

Amberly Palmer-Bailey has been performing since the age of 4. She is an entertainer that truly understands the value of hard work and perseverance to build and maintain a career in the music business.

Originally from the San Francisco North Bay area, Palmer is a graduate of the Solano College Actors Training Program, The American Academy of the Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, Ca. and The San Francisco ACT Studio Program. Her studies there included: Musical Theatre, Acting, Voice (Classical Opera) and Dance (Jazz, Tap, and Ballet).

It is no wonder then that Ms. Palmer has gone on from these studies to actual performance.

She began working in the theatre and found the work as exciting in application as it had been in preparation. Her performances included: “Suburbia” – Erica; “Sylvia” – Sylvia; “The Vagina Monologues” – Principal; “Beauty and the Beast” –Beauty; “Sayonara” – Ensemble; “A Midsummer Night Dream” – Hermia; and “The Ghost & Mrs. Muir” – Jessica to name a few.

This steady work soon garnered Amberly awards for her stage performances and led to other appearances in videos, film, and television.

Soon she was being called for modeling jobs as well with such companies as GAP and Macy’s.

The talented artist and entertainer began to be considered a triple threat by many in the music and entertainment industry. As Palmer cam take a role or what is asked of her in the entertainment field and make her participation in the production, recording, or musical performance shine. She can sing, dance, act and even change her vocal styling’s to fit whatever the occasion required. She can belt out soul so effortlessly it is like breathing and can turn around and rock your socks off without skipping a beat in another musical setting

Palmer’s versatility has led music press and others to liken her to other amazing vocalists such as Janis Joplin or Joss Stone.

Live band performances for the artist have included: Citizen X (Reggae), Time Bandits (Top 40), Funkenstein (Old School Funk), and Leo Rising (Rock Top 40).

Palmer is in the process of working on material for a new musical EP and there is no question that Amberly is ready to take the entertainment industry by storm.

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Dean Rees

Dean Rees is best known for his Hammond work with classic British rockers Humble Pie, as well as Stray, Del Bromham and the Devils and 17 Black. Before that, dues were paid in the usual list of local groupings, most notably Colour Sargeant and Grand Society with Toby Marriott. As a featured artist at all annual installments of the Small Faces convention in London, Rees has shared the stage with Glen Matlock, Clem Clempson, Chris Farlow and Steve Ellis.

He’s also become known as a “go-to guy” for several other high-profile special venue managed events. One of those was a most memorable stop at London’s historic Royal Albert Hall for the Ronnie Lane memorial concert (featuring Pete Townshend and Ronnie Wood). Dean was also honored to play at the Steve Marriott memorial concert (feat Noel Gallagher, Humble Pie, Kenney Jones, Ian McLagen, Bobby Tench, Johnny Warman, Peter Frampton, et al). His contribution to the ModAid CD and video was added to those of Ronnie Wood, Mark Joseph and many other popular mod-influenced musos.

In 2003 Dean rejoined his good friend and mentor Greg Ridley, bassist, vocalist, and founding member of Humble Pie. First marketed, promoted and billed as Greg Ridley’s Humble Pie, the new five piece was enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike at debut venue managed gigs in London. The US was then targeted and marketed with a club tour of the south & west, but sadly it wasn’t to be as in early November Greg suddenly fell ill and then passed away later that month. Dean soon jumped into two projects that would be fitting and lasting tributes to Greg Ridley. A collaboration with Bad Company guitarist Dave “Bucket” Colwell on an unfinished song, co-written by Greg, yielded a track that was added to the Greg Ridley Anthology (2004 AngelAir Records). “Learn to Live” also featured vocals by Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Todd Sucherman (Styx) on drums.

A memorial concert in 2004 saw Dean reform Greg Ridley’s short-lived band from the year before. The Greg Ridley Band played a rollicking, butt-kicking tribute to their fallen friend at “The Party For Greg” in London. The event also featured great performances by Spooky Tooth’s Mike Kellie and Luther Grosvenor (aka Arial Bender of Mott The Hoople), Bucket Colwell (Bad Company, Humble Pie), Paul Geurin (The Quireboys), Mollie Marriott and many others.

In May of 2006 Dean Rees released his first solo CD “Sweet Felicity Arkwright”, an offering that was filled with rock, rhythm and blues and funky  soul. Dean’s ten songs were  co-produced by Dean and by his long-time collaborator, record producer and friend Karl Randall.

Dean was joined on Sweet Felicity Arkwright by DR Band members Karl Randall (drums), Del Bromham (guitars), Stu Uren (bass), Mollie Marriott (vocals) and Lee Devine (vocals). Two of those names will be familiar to classic rock fans as Del Bromham is the founder and frontman of the veteran British rock band Stray and Mollie Marriott is the daughter of the legendary leader of Humble Pie, Steve Marriott. Also featured on Arkwright are special guest artists and friends Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake, etc), Tony Rolfe, Stefan John, Toby Marriott (Steve’s son), James Coello, Ian Page, Clive Hewsen and Stuart Ikin.

Dean’s current lineup is equally impressive in their artistry with brilliant  Nicky Prince on (vocals), Stefan John (guitar), Rob Butterfield (bass) and Mark Wheeler(drums).

Rees has also been making some small appearances in some major promoted and marketed movies. Thus far his appearances include “The Golden Compass,” (New Line Cinemas/Oscar Winner) “National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets,” (Walt Disney Pictures) and “The Dark Knight.” (Warner Bros.)


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Olga Tsepkalo

Olha/Olga Tsepkalo and her group, is a mixture of talent, love, and determination.

Ms.Tsepkalo was born in the south of the Ukraine. At this time in the Soviet Union, being in a usual family meant that your child may not have any toys with which to play. It also meant that there were no washing machines for clean clothes, hot water was only used in the summer and everyone wore the same clothes. Even so, Olha dreamed of doing something she truly loved.

As time passed the young artist soon realized that she loved music and longed to sing. She treasured any moments she was able to spend listening to foreign music because this type of music was a true rarity. Later, Olha, attended musical school where her major subject was the accordion, the only instrument opening left in the school.

At age 16, Ms.Tsepkalo joined her first rock band. (The artist started composing songs in English as she considered English phonetics ideal for her singing).

Olha then found herself in love at age 19, to a drummer she met named Denis Sidorenko and; in 2001 the two founded the band (Denis is the only child in a family of musicians. His father is a drummer and his mother a singer.)

Denis and Olha eventually moved to Kiev, where they met Andrey Kryvoruchko (guitar) whom they asked to join the band as well. (Andrey had come to Kiev in search of a better life for himself.)

As with most bands there are many growing pains along the way, some are emotional and others are very cheerful and funny.  For example, one quarrel between Denis and Olha found them not speaking to each other for a year and a half. Then, Andrey came down with TB, and through hard struggles and determination he was able to recover and then marry.

No matter the obstacles via numerous bass changes in the band, or solid/non- solid recording deals this unit was still the unchangeable backbone of the band.

Olha and eventually caught the attention of some very big music publishers, music producers and major recording labels. They were eventually signed to the record label COMP MUSIC/EMI and their first album was released in 2006. Following this a couple of music video clips were also promoted, marketed and released by their record label.

The group has released a second album and shortly thereafter found themselves the winners of the Song of the Year Contest in the Pop Category for the song, “Don’t You
Waiting,”. The band continued to be highly publicized through venue management and a steadfast push of their music writing abilities and became Semifinalists in the International Songwriting
Competition with the song, “Would You Drive Me Home” as well.

The group has found that constant promotion, band management and a great musical career goal have kept them on track.



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