What Should Be Included In A Promo Package For A Rock Band

Your band is ready to start playing out and you realize you need something to give to venues, agents and others to help you promote your career. You are ready for a promo package. This being said it is very important that artists understand that a professional press kit is a must for the band that truly wants to be considered proficient. In many cases, it is the first thing the agent or vender sees about your band. Continue reading to find out more.


You will need to include a biography of your band. You will want your biography to tell the following information: Your bands history, how the band got started, how did the band get its name, what makes your band stand out, how is it significant, were current members with other popular bands in the past, what style of music does your band play, and has your band played other areas or regions. You will also want to include quotes from reviews, other club owners, even fans. You will want your biography to be clear and concise, so make sure that your biography fits on one page. Remember your biography represents the entire band so you will not need to include separate biographies for each band member.

Cover Letter

Adding a cover letter to your promo kit is a nice touch especially if you know who is going to receive your press kit. For example you will want to use a cover letter for a promoter, music director, a DJ or someone who asked you for a press kit. Make sure you let them know why you are contacting them. A cover letter is also a good place to include the title of your three best songs. Be sure to include the number of which tracks are associated with these three songs as well. To class up your presentation your band might consider using letterhead or band stationery, especially if your band has a great logo design. This same letterhead or band stationery can be used for your biography too.


Include a high quality professional CD to your press kit minus the shrink wrap or spine tabs for easy access. You will want the person receiving this promo kit to be able to hear a great representation of your music with minimal effort. If your band has a budget you may want to consider a multi-media CD-ROM or DVD. The advantage of this presentation is that your band can present a high quality digital video that includes live performance, band photos, and reviews all on one source. This presentation is very strong and provides both audio and visual.


Whether you have the budget to hire a professional photographer or you have a friend whom shoots great photos, you will need a great shot of your band to include in your press kit. 8×10 Black and White glossy is usually preferred by the press so go with this format. Make sure your contact information is included such as phone number and e-mail address towards the bottom of your photo. You may also consider using your bands logo on your photo as well.


Make sure you ask for a reference after you have performed in a venue or received good response from a radio station. As this can be a valuable tool to use in your promo package. In this case a reference is a note from the venue or radio station given to the band stating that your band was great and that they recommend you and want you back. You can also use press from newspaper and magazine publications as a reference. In all cases make sure you get a reference written on their letterhead with their signature.


Choose a classy folder for your promo package. A good idea here is to choose a folder that is professional in appearance and will hold the information mentioned above. Your band can purchase stickers for the front of the folder (Using your band logo) although printing can also be used to create the ultimate folder presentation. Make sure you have room in your folder for your glossy photo (Left hand side is usually best in many cases) and cover letter, CD, Biography and references are placed on the right. You can also include a business card in your promo package as well.


Your band may also want to consider the option of using an “electronic promotional kit”. These (EPK’s) can be purchased for a price using ReverbNation or Sonicbids (EPK) amongst others.