Music Promotional And Music Marketing Plan For A New CD

Some music artists may find themselves asking the question what is a good music marketing and music promotion plan for a recently completed CD?  The question is an important one and this article is geared to give you some ideas on topics and tools to use and consider in marketing your new music.

Branding – How you and your music are perceived is major in any music marketing and music promotional campaign. Find a look and feel that is right for yourself or your group and be consistent across the board in your presentation. This includes your CD artwork, your photos. logos, your actual press kits and so forth.

Press – It is a known fact that no one can buy your product if no one knows about your music. So, get on the phone; send e-mails and contact music publications, newspapers and magazines. Think of ways to get your music and your artistry written about.

Cross – Promotion – When the press writes an article or CD Review, positive or negative, put it on your website. Always let your fans know you are keeping them informed and that you are sharing your music’s growth with them.

Promote Your Success – A major part of music marketing and music promotions or business overall is being able to take advantage of opportunities. When you get that great review in the Los Angeles Times send an e-mail to your fans in your database asking them to read it. Perhaps, your band has been asked to open for a major talent. See if you can get the press out to the show to do a review on it and you. Seize the day and make sure people know what exciting things are happening with your music.

Gig/Tour – Part of music promotions and music marketing a new product is getting out there and playing your new material. Make every effort you can to book yourselves gigs and or tour if possible. As an independent artist you have to find ways to make a small amount of money go a long way. So, play gigs in your area and call friends and family to see if you can stay for a night.

Promote Within Your Means – In a perfect world you have saved a major amount of money and you then hire a marketing company to help you with press, radio airplay and perhaps even get you in touch with a booking agent. However, many artists do not find themselves in this kind of situation.  Therefore, if you have very little money, then you have to work with what you have and make it effective. Do marketing the old fashion way by getting your eight friends who like your band out on message boards, handing out little flyers everywhere they go, and creating an awareness for your band and music. It is hard work but it is a way to get music marketing and music promotions for your new CD done.

Creating Awareness – In very simple terms music marketing and music promotion is really about creating awareness of your band and your music. Your job is to make sure that the music you are promoting is quality material.

Inside Music Marketing Campaign Tricks – Sometimes, researching ideas can be key in helping you to put together an effective music marketing and music promotional campaign. For example, try studying bands you like and that seem to be doing well. Ask local bands who seem to be drawing well if you can connect with their manager or see if you can meet with a head promoter. You may find after these meetings that you have learned a few tricks you can use in your own campaign.

Internet – The internet has changed the playing field for artists and labels. It is yet another major factor in promoting and marketing your music worldwide.

Persistence and Belief – Always remember that your music is a part of you and what you do. Truly believe in what you want to accomplish and don’t ever give up. Continue each day to think of new ways to get the word out about your music. You may soon find that people will be talking about your CD and your band without your encouragement.

Tools – Make sure you have these items in your music promotion and music marketing plan.

–          Press Kit (Local and National Articles)

–          Print Ads

–          Promotional CDs

–          Promotional Video/Links

–          Posters

–          Radio Tracker

–          Stickers Publicist (If you have the budget)

–          Music Marketing Expert (If you have the budget)