Communicate With Your Music Manager

Most artists who are truly in tuned with the music industry know that the music manager’s job is to promote the artist’s career in all ways and at all times. However, in some cases as time goes by many expectations by the artist for their artist manager or artist management team may seem to fall short of the artist’s goals. Is it artist management failing to do their jobs or is it something entirely different? Read below for some insight you as a musical artist may not have thought about before.

It’s Magic

A popular belief I have heard which seems to float around music artists and entertainers alike is that once the artist has found strong management the artist can sort of stop working and relax. This in fact is very far from the truth. Your music manager is there to provide you, the artist, with a working game plan. They  understand your dream and have the ability, know-how and connections to help you make it happen. Remember, your music manager does not possess magic and there are many factors that must be considered and put into action in each move of your career.

Inform Us

Whether you are an artist who has recently signed with artist management or you are a more established artist it is extremely important to keep your music manager informed. If you are a new band and new to music management some people may not know that you have recently added artist management. This is your opportunity to let them know that you are now in a position in your career where you are represented. This is not to control you as an artist but rather to make sure that you are not taken advantage of in anyway. Your music manager may also see other opportunities that have not been brought up or thought about which might be worth consideration. Always make this a priority before the fact rather than after the fact. Artist Management cannot effectively do their jobs if they find out about something the band is doing or has done after it is too late. So, the next time you are contacted by a record label, asked to play a gig, or are approached by an endorsement company for a deal make sure you tell the caller to contact your music manager. It will help the caller understand your new position and allow your artist manager to do a better and more effective job with your career..

The Same Page

It is very important to know that you as the artist and your music manager are all on the same page. A good way of making sure this is the case is by calling each other on a regular basis or setting up specific meeting places with exact meeting times. This is a very effective way to make sure that everyone understands what is going on and what their jobs are going to be per the journey called your musical career. This is your time to discuss what is important to you, so make sure that you make time for these meetings or talks and that you are prepared.

Team Work

Think teamwork, because it is teamwork which makes your artist manager and your artistry and music become successful. Understand as a musician in the music industry that  even with the best preparation, the perfect selling techniques and hours spent on your behalf that anything can happen. Sometimes the record label that your music manager contacted fell right into place and your deal is set. You may have a publishing deal signed and your music is being promoted and hitting the top ten charts. Then understand that for that same work given by your artist manager the label may have fired the A&R Executive who loved you and all of a sudden your new record deal has been lost or shelved. This is the nature of the music industry. Always remember that your manager makes money when you make money so it is in their best interest as well as yours to communicate, stay dedicated, work hard and work together for success.