Music Artists – This Is Your Pep Talk

One thing I have found to be very true both as an artist and in speaking to other artists or entertainment people, is that music and the path to artistry can be one of many trials and tribulations. There comes a time invariably when artists need a pep talk.

The heart and mind of a true artist longs for the fulfilling and completion of the goal set  before them.

This goal could be to play for personal enjoyment for family and friends to playing in front of 10,000 or more in a packed arena with deal in hand.

Whatever the dream, there are plenty of people whom are there to remind you that what you are working to do is very hard and just may not be practical.

There is no question that these people have a good heart and want the best for you. However, there is the knowledge of the true musician that says asking me to stop now is like asking an artist to cut off his or her arm. So, this pep talk is for the artists out there that believe and continue to fight against the odds.

Artists whom succeed often times do work for years to make things really happen in their careers. It is not an overnight success no matter what anyone says. Overnight could mean in reality ten years.

Love your music and your artistry and work out of love for your craft. You will have to count on yourself many times when others give up on you or your music.

Always know in the back of your head that true artistry is really not about glamour. In reality, you may not sleep much even when you are a super star and as much stability as money may provide you your social life may not be stable. It is the love of your craft that will keep you moving forward.

There is no question that music is a true aural communication that has been passed down from generation to generation. In order for you as an artist to be a part of this wonderful chain listen to others who have come before you and take in the great qualities of great musicians. Then pass on what you hear and what you have learned to others. This is the great musical chain which will fill many hearts with joy including your own.

Be true to your music and yourself and listen to what you feel, because there will always be someone who likes your music and someone who dislikes your music. Get over it and focus on the music as being the most important thing. All music speaks to someone and therefore has value even if they are not prepared to receive what the music has to say. Let your music take the listener to an ultimate high.

Remember that your artistry is constantly growing and getting better. Work hard to be the best you can be. There will always be musicians that are worse, the same or even better than you. The key is to realize that your work is not done you are simply in a state of growth. Be inspired by the music and artistry around you. Then you will aspire to greatness.

A musician has to push the envelope if he or she truly wants to live up to their potential. This in many cases means great commitment and nothing in terms of employment. If you can hang in there long enough even if it means side jobs and tiny bars. Your dream can be waiting for you to claim it.

Keep in mind that all great music is really not about you as an artist being glorified but rather how much you can give of yourself to glorify the music. Check your ego at the door and make the music more important. In the long run people will be touched by your musical honesty and your music will lift listeners to places of your dreams.

Music is not as simple as some might believe. It is hard work and you as an artist learn your craft by investing effort in studying, practicing and honing your creative musical abilities.

There will always be times as a musician and artist that you will bare your soul musically and someone will ridicule you for doing so. Do not let this stop you, believe that you have something worth saying and it deserves to be heard as much as anyone else.

Work hard to realize that any problems you may face in your musical career or in the development of your art are like problems in life. Tackle them wholeheartedly and look at each challenge as an opportunity for growth.

When people seek to demean you because you are a musician or an artist do not let them make you feel bad or inferior. All human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect so hold your head high and do not acknowledge this type of behavior.

Remember you as an artist are expected to perform at high levels in bad environments, tired and many other situations. Deal with it, you are a professional and that is what professionals do.

Never give up.