Overlord – IS BACK

Overlord a band that has weathered the storms much like fellow Canadian band Anvil has begun to make a new generation of fans and listeners.
The band has begun to receive a new resurgence of airplay after RSP arranged a music promotions deal with Deuce Management and Promotions. Overlord’s music is being broadcast on KWSS in the USA which attracts 18,000 + listeners. They are also receiving airplay on Indie 104 which has over 150,000 daily listeners. The band has also been added to a large number of other FM, Digital and Internet stations around the world.
In other news, Overlord has recently been asked to present one song which will be included in Versailles Records star studied compilation album,” Puppet Masters – A Millennium Tribute to Metallica – 1983 – 2013.”
Contact us for further information on this release.